The Week in a Nutshell: July 7, 2017

  • More than 25 youth joined five panelists as ILIA participated in “Youth Career Panel Discussion” in collaboration with COOOL Summer Camps, a Mafiq Foundation project on July 4th
  • A “Research Methods” workshop for high school youth at Diyanet Center of America as part of the COOOL Summer Camps on July 3rd
  • Schools, Careers and Social Media: The Big Picture” was the title of the Middle School age workshop at Diyanet Center on July 3rd
  • Our technology intern started on July 5th with a focus on online collaboration technologies, joining five others interns this summer
  • EmpowerOne College continues with college and young professionals for July
  • One of our dorm residents graduated and move into his own apartment as he looks forward to his family’s arrival
  • Jummah Khutbah offered at Howard County Detention Center, “Responsibility, Commitment and Human Will for Transformation”


Impact July 7, 2017