The Week in a Nutshell – June 30, 2017


Alhamedellah last week was exciting as we celebrated Eid Fitr. Some key highlights are below

  • A 19 yr is changing his attitude towards work, study and life balance and raising the bar on himself despite having challenges in different areas of life.
  • An elder brother sent ILIA a thank you letter for literally saving his life after he received $300 in zakat last week and can now purchase his very much needed medication.
  • We helped American Muslim Seniors Society ( receive their first grant from Montgomery County $35k for training and development of senior care resources at several Montgomery County Masjids.
  • We completed a partnership agreement with an area masjid to serve sixty new students starting this month studying Qur’an and Islamic studies twice a week.
  • Eid prayer was offered at the Howard County Detention Center, and a new volunteer application for service at the women’s prison in Jessup was submitted.
  • The Baltimore food bank was stocked with perishable meat, and non-perishable black beans, rice, and tomato sauce.
  • We paid off $750 of our qard hasan debt towards operational expenses

Impact June 30, 2017