Mission Excellence

Tutoring with a leadership perspective.

Does your child need extra attention?

Is your student struggling at school?

Demotivated, frustrated and not interested in studying?

Through ILIA’s unique approach we allow our students to be motivated self-learners. In a few weeks, your child will exhibit leaps in self-esteem, motivation and school work interest, Insha’Allah.


Tutoring available in Math, English, Physics and other middle school, high school, engineering and business colleges topics. Quran and Arabic sessions also available for ages 4 and above. See details below.

Open Enrollment: Email info@islamicleadership.org for more information, or register online for a block of 2, 5 or 10 hours of tutoring.

To register click here: http://www.missionexcellence.org/

Open Enrollment: Register online for a block of 2, 5 or 10 hours of tutoring.


Register Here:  http://www.missionexcellence.org/

Ellicott City Address:
3290Pine Orchard Ln, Suite A5, Ellicott City, Maryland 21042

College Park:
University of Maryland, College Park
Al-Huda School, 5301 Edgewood Rd, College Park, Md 20740


NOW: SAT Prep Available:

Tutor and guide young Muslims to become academically competitive in an Islamic environment
while further fostering their leadership skills, and build a clear connection between their Islamic identity
and their career and academic objectives. ILIA tutor’s will teach high school students (mostly those entering their junior/senior years) in the SAT to give them the best chance in increasingly competitive college admissions. Admissions rates, especially at the University of Maryland, College Park have been declining with more and more applicants each year.

ILIA’s tutors are professionals with higher education graduate degrees and an average of 20+ years experiences as well as trained and academically advanced college students who have leadership skills in dealing with the younger generation.

NEW: Quran Tajweed and Memorization with Arabic Reading:

For ages 4 – 14. Personal tutor 1-2 student per tutor. No crammed classes. At student’s own pace. Tutors are Hafiz and from same gender, can easily relate and communicate to your child with tips for easy learning and memorization.

Have questions? Call ILIA at 240.765.7151

Register Here: http://www.missionexcellence.org/