Course SIT 102 is an inspiring outdoor class for the young students ages 11-18 and classroom style for older students and adults. Students leave the retreat with a stronger recognition of the hereafter, the concept of life, how to develop a vision, and connect the vision to the hereafter. Activities will allow students to experience the temporary nature of this life, and how large goals can be achieved through small steps.
SIT 102 concentrates on vision, commitment and motivation and leadership traits and personal leadership as a style. The course includes many hands on activities in group settings as well as individually.

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Sun. Nov 17, 2013

Western Maryland


Ayman Nassar

Muhammad Ishaq
 Tues, July 7, 2015  Western Maryland  10-13  Ayman Nassar

Mostafa Abdelhalim
 Sat, Feb 21, 2016  Western Maryland  10-13  Ayman Nassar


 Feb 2017  Western Maryland  10-13  Ayman Nassar


Vision-Young Teens-General