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ILIA started in 2009 with $10 in the bank account and the vision of 4 bold people to build an institute that transforms its students. Today ILIA has touched the lives of over 900 students across seven states and is transforming the way they lead themselves, their families and communities. Many lives have changed. Our goal for 2015 is $200,000 to continue provide the needed services for the American Muslim population and others who do not practice the Islamic faith and come across our doors.

Can we make ILIA a role model organization for generations to come?

Please support ILIA either through a one-time donation, or monthly recurring donations using paypal’s secure payment interface below, or by check.


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ILIA is a 501c(3) tax exempt zakat eligible non-profit charitable and educational organization. All donations are tax deductible and donors shall receive annual letters of donation.

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