Youth Crisis Line

Youth Crisis Line

Life is full of challenges, and sometimes we need a friend or a trusted adult to vent and get our worries out. A trusted adult can help you come up with ideas to address a challenge or crisis you might be facing. There is no definition for a youth crisis, one challenge to one person might be a problem while its a crisis to another person.

Do NOT suffer in silence, don’t let your problems drive you into isolation, or into a bigger problem. Pick up the phone and call the number below to wack out those annoying problems !!!


Are you a teen or youth?
Have a crisis or problem in your life?

It’s free and confidential
Online or in-person, all backgrounds


Completely anonymous service is also available at ILIA’s Ask fm page here


YCL Overview













The Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA), a 501c(3) educational and research nonprofit founded in 2009, recently launched as Youth Crisis Line (YCL) in late 2015. Since its inception it had received dozens of calls from throughout the United States, and with the grace of Allah (swt) helped stabilize four suicidal individuals who called ILIA through the line. ILIA is offering college students across the United States and its territories giving participants the opportunity to design an official logo for the Youth Crisis Line (YCL)their brand.

The YCL has received calls from youth as young as 13 years of age and from youth care takers such as parents, grandparents and teachers as old as 70+ years of age. Most callers report issues such as bullying, sexual abuse, suicidal thoughts or attempts, parental relations challenges, parent divorce, teen pregnancy, youth employment, homelessness and school academic challenges.

ILIA and all its programs and services including the YCL are open to all individuals who meet program objectives and admission requirements regardless of background, religion, belief, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, marital status, disability and status as a veteran. The YCL does not screen callers, nor does it have any criteria needed for callers to meet to be eligible to contact the YCL. The YCL receives request via text messaging, voice calls, voice mail, email, anonymous non real-time web postings and looks forward to offer real-time anonymous texting in the near future.

What We Do?

We listen to your concerns and direct you to a specialized agency or service provider, we can also talk to your parents on your behalf to bridge any gaps and get them involved in your care, or give you advice that can help you get to a cool state from a hot state. If you are local we can even meet you in person, if you wish.

Examples of calls we received in the past:

  • I have been smoking for five years and just can’t stop, weed is ruining my life. I need help. [14-16 year old male].
  • My friend is sleeping with all these girls, I am too worried about him. [16-18 year old male].
  • My father had sex with me, I am scared and feel worthless. [16-18 year old female].
  • I need a roof over my head, I have been on the street for 2 nights. [16-18 year old male].
  • I am sitting in math class about to cry, I am homeless, have no money, no phone, no hope. [16-18 year old male].
  • I took too many pills, I am scared I might die. [16-18 year old female].
  • Smoking marijuana has made my life miserable, I don’t want to live anymore. [13-15 year old male].
  • My father is living with his girl friend, I hate that and feel lost. [14-16 year old male].
  • My parents are fighting all the time and I am worried they will get divorced. [16-18 year old male].
  • I feel I am about to punch my teacher, help me please, can someone pick me up from school. [13-15 year old male]
  • I got pregnant, not sure how, I made many mistakes and not sure how to come back to the right path. [16-18 year old female].
  • I injured someone and need to talk to somebody for advice [15-17 yr old male].
  • I want to run from home but know its wrong, what should I do. [14-15 year old male].

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Privacy Policy:

We do not track or collect IP addresses, contact info or any personal details unless the individual calling us provides that information. Information shared with the crisis line team is confidential and will not be shared with others inside or outside of ILIA. In a few rare circumstances involving potential injury to self or others ILIA might inform local authorities as deemed needed within the guidelines of the law. Should we feel we need to share any information with others we will inform the individual contacting us.

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