Youth Leadership Certificate


The ILIA Youth Leadership Certificate the first of its kind in the United States and world, brings leadership traits, style and Islamic values into a format that young people from all backgrounds and beliefs can relate and understand. Students can choose 32 leadership traits from a pool of over 50 classes to study as part of the requirements to achieve the certification. Additionally, students have the chose to substitute some of the leadership trait classes with other leadership developmental products at ILIA such as internships, EmpowerOne or clubs.

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Courses are offered in the spring, summer and fall semester in various formats from outdoor single and multi-day retreats to classroom workshops, community service projects, internships or online classes.

Students are required to acquire 32 ILIA Educational Units (IEU) with a grade of B or higher to achieve the minimum requirements for graduation and certification attainment. For registration or information on upcoming class offering dates visit the main registration portal here –