ILIA Internships

The Value of ILIA Internships

The Islamic Leadership Institute of America believes that all of us humans are born with leadership skills; they just need to be nurtured. To help students discover their capabilities, ILIA offers a unique internship program for youth in high school and college, providing them life-long skills to implement in their future. ILIA shapes youth into leaders by teaching them how to manage and execute projects, advocate for their beliefs, develop proper communication skills, and so much more.

Internships at The Islamic Leadership Institute of America are like no other. Youth get to help run the organization and that’s an uncommon opportunity for teens. LIA’s internship program is also taught in a Muslim environment, educating interns on how to have the right intentions and lead through the Islamic perspective. This allows interns to have a deeper understanding of Islam, which leads to a stronger sense of faith, and more moral awareness.

ILIA provides youth with many opportunities, teaching them about leadership, and transforming them into leaders. Moreover, leadership is an important concept that is mentioned in The Holy Quran. “And made them leaders who would guide [others] in accordance with Our behest: for We inspired them [with a will] to do good works, and to be constant in prayer, and to dispense charity: and Us [alone] did they worship.” (21:73)

There is no doubt that ILIA has empowered teens and built upon their skills. “ILIA gives me the reason to wake up early in the morning and work,” mentioned Mahmoud Zaghloul an intern here at ILIA. “I joined ILIA with an intention: to impact my community through personal service. However, I knew I wasn’t equipped with the skill set necessary to do so. ILIA welcomed me with open arms, opened my eyes to my potential, and transformed my character,” stated Zafir Naseem Director of ILIA’s Youth Crisis Line. “ILIA has allowed me to learn skills I never imagined I would need. I don't go a day without using skills from ILIA. This is truly an experience I value greatly,” announced Jannah Nassar, the head of the outreach team at ILIA.

These are just a few examples of some youth leaders at ILIA, and this truly portrays how valuable internships here at ILIA are. Bahaa Harraz, the president of the organization remarked, “Good character, hard work, and leadership can never be taught in a classroom or from a book. Look at the leaders throughout history, their classrooms were being out in the field, working to make a change alongside their mentors. ILIA works day and night to give any youth opportunities just like this through our internship program. We certify youth, put them in a team with their peers, give them mentors, and all the tools they need to pursue projects that make an impact that they care about. Throughout their internships, many youths have gone on to build relationships, change minds, and even save lives and it is these experiences that turn youth into the moral leaders we need today.”

Meet The Team

Article Author :

Sumaya Abdel-Motagaly is an upcoming sophomore in high school and is one of ILIA’s newest interns. She recently joined the outreach team and currently works on writing press releases, and articles, as well as helping out with promoting the Youth Crisis Line.

Interviewee :

Founder and chairman of Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA), he has over 25 years of experience in enterprise architecture, enterprise and individual transformation, youth development, project/program management, and systems engineering & architecture

Interviewer :

Jannah Nassar has been a part of ILIA since the beginning. She became a project manager and continued to create events for ILIA. Now, Jannah leads the Outreach team as head of outreach working to make ILIA more engaging and by helping to provide the community with the most recent ILIA news.