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Muslim Connector, a monthly educational magazine, impacting the lives of 4000 inmates in Maryland and Virginia. We are reaching out to you, our valued donors, for your support in bringing this vision to life.

Our Muslim Connector magazine is designed exclusively for inmates, with the aim of fostering personal growth, spiritual development, and a deeper connection to their faith. This initiative is particularly important as many of these inmates are housed at facilities that are, on average, 6 hours away from Muslim communities. This geographical distance makes it challenging for our volunteers to visit them on a frequent basis. Thus, Muslim Connector serves as a vital lifeline, helping inmates stay connected with their faith and community.

What is In Each Issue

Each issue of Muslim Connector includes:

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Chaplains at correctional facilities can complete a service request to order copies of the newsletter in print by emailing

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Copies can be downloaded for free, and there are no prohibitions on printing and distributing with attribution to Islamic Leadership Institute of America, and with no modifications or alterations to the content.

Meet the Editors

Muslim Connector is authored by our instructors, researchers and students. It not only is an opportunity for incarcerated Muslims and those interested in learning about Islam to learn, but it also provides an opportunity for your youth to share the knowledge they acquired through the years, as well as a catalyst for research and development at Islamic Leadership Institute of America. Some of our contributors are listed below.

Interested in writing? Email us your resume, short bio and the area of interest from the list above.

Ayman Nassar

Mohamed Raihan

Dr. Esraa Badr

Zafir Naseem

Religious Advisors

Muslim Connector team consults with various scholars, our immediate advisory team members are listed below

Dr Salah As Sawy

Dr. Ramadan Abdelbasit


A heartfelt letter from an incarcerated brother, Chris, at Keen Mountain State Prison, deeply moved the Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA) team. 

He is currently navigating life within the confines of the notorious level 5 facility, recently received and embraced ILIA's premiere issue of "Muslim Connector.”

His heartfelt words resonate with a yearning for connection, education, and spiritual growth, creating a profound impact on the ILIA community.

Muslim Connector, exclusively designed for inmates, seeks to foster personal growth, spiritual development, and a deeper connection to their faith. This initiative is pivotal as many inmates, located hours away from Muslim communities, face challenges in frequent visits. Functioning as a vital lifeline, Muslim Connector helps inmates stay connected with their faith and community.